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Root Canals

How Root Canals Can Save Your Smile

When most people hear the saying ‘root canals’, they quickly shutter with fear or the idea of supposed pain. However, root canal treatments do just the opposite. Our team at Dental Design in Buffalo Grove provide safe and pain-free treatments to help restore smiles in the nearby area. Innovations in the dental field have allowed…

Root Canal Warning Signs

Root Canal Warning Signs And Next Steps

Many people are familiar with the term “root canal”. Most have no idea what the procedure actually entails. They also don’t know what circumstances have to conspire in order for a dentist to recommend a root canal to be done. We have outlined the tell-tale warning signs that a tooth needs a root canal. As…

Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatments Are Effective in Saving Teeth

In fact, root canals can save teeth in 90% of cases in which root canals are performed. At Dental Design in Buffalo Grove, you can receive treatment from one of our expert dentists, just one of whom is Dr. Gelman. Root Canal Treatments Root canal treatments are needed when a tooth has damaged or infected…

Need a Root Canal

A Tooth Infection Near the Root Will Most Likely Need a Root Canal

Don’t let a wave of anxiety rush over you, though. Here at Dental Design, we can assure you that our root canal procedure is smooth and comfortable, with most patients reporting very little or even no pain at all. The days of this essential procedure getting an undeserved bad reputation are long gone. The truth is…

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