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What is Considered Cosmetic Smile Design?

Cosmetic Smile Design

Cosmetic smile design is a combination of dental procedures that add up to an ideal smile. They are mostly cosmetic procedures.

In today’s society, most people want to look their best. Physical appearance plays an essential role in self-esteem and individual success. Furthermore, it is human nature to attribute positive personality traits to attractive people. Today, more and more patients require a better final appearance. Not only for their health, but also for the aesthetic and pleasant side that a smile has now become an essential part of the needs that dentistry can cover.

Whitening, crowns, implants and veneers have opened the door to a wide range of elective dental treatments in addition to healing and rebuilding damaged teeth,

appearance-enhancing treatments, which can also reverse the visible effects of aging.


Wearing veneers make teeth look more refined and more whites without undergoing invasive procedures such as braces or aligners. Veneers are made up of porcelain or ceramic material customized to the shape and color of the mouth of each patient.

Dental Crowns:

A dental crown, when placed over a dental implant, can be used to cap a tooth damaged or decayed or to replace a missing tooth. Crowns are metal attachments surgically attached to the jaw bone below the gums.

Teeth whitening:

Hollywood was obsessed with white teeth, and stars used substances to whiten their pearly whites and sometimes the effects were not ideal. 

Today’s celebrity cosmetics involves professional whitening treatments and other safe and effective procedures.


A dental implant is a popular option to replace missing teeth. It’s a permanent procedure in which a dentist first places an implant where it once

was the root of a missing tooth. They then use the replacement root to secure a tooth of replacement.

Cosmetic Smile Design Makeover Summary

Many people go to a cosmetic dentist to address only one problem: a cracked tooth, yellow teeth, recontoured gums or something else.

However, when you come for a smile makeover, you’re looking for a more general enhancement. Patients don’t have a particular problem. Instead, you can see multiple ways to improve your smile. Your cosmetic dentist will perform these procedures together, with a clear goal in mind of how your teeth should look in the end. As a result, you have a better chance of correcting permanently long-term dental problems if managed with multiple solutions. The right combination of well-trained and talented physicians and technicians produces excellent results.

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