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Top 3 Reasons To Get Dental Implants

Get Dental Implants

For individuals who are considering filling a space in their mouth or replacing an existing tooth, get dental implants as they are usually the best option. As the treatment options in the dental field advance and improve, it becomes increasingly easier for individuals to maintain their best smile. Here at Dental Design, we are happy to offer dental implant services, and we are dedicated to helping our patients find the treatment options that are right for them.

1.  Closest Option To Natural Tooth

Many people are familiar with the term “dental implant”. However, they are not exactly sure what they are, or what they do. A dental implant is essentially a titanium device that is screwed directly into the bone. After the implant is placed into the bone, the patient is given time to heal. The dentist will then have a prosthetic crown made to be fit over the top of the implant. Once the crown is cemented, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the implant tooth and the crown. Especially for the patient. While they can prove to be considerably expensive as compared to other treatment options, dental implants are often the best long-term option that an individual can choose to go forward with. They are the closest imitation of a natural tooth that is currently offered in modern dentistry.

2. No Damage To Other Teeth

One of the biggest advantages to getting dental implants is the fact that the surrounding teeth will not have to be altered in order to replace the missing tooth. Traditionally, in order to fill a space in the mouth, an individual would have to get a bridge. A bridge is a three unit dental prosthetic that attaches to the two teeth that surround the missing tooth in the mouth and provides a “fake” tooth to close the space. The disadvantage to this treatment option is that the two “anchor” teeth on either side have to be shaved down and contoured in order to place the bridge.

Choosing to have a dental implant placed in the mouth allows for an individual to successfully fill the space in their mouth. This without causing any damage to the surrounding teeth.

3. Preserve Bone

There is another advantage to choosing to have a dental implant placed. That is the prospect of preserving the bone that surrounds the tooth. When a tooth is removed from the mouth, the bone that once surrounded the tooth begins to recede. If an individual experiences bone loss, they may find that their remaining teeth become loose. The reason being there is then nothing sturdy to surround the teeth and hold them in.

When an individual chooses to have a dental implant placed, the implant mimics the natural tooth structure in the bone. It also prevents the loss of bone over time. This helps promote the health of the bone. It also promotes the long-term health of the natural teeth and aids in the prevention of the loss of teeth.

Making The Best Decision For Your Smile

We hope this information will help you make an informed decision on whether implants are the best choice for you in maintaining your best smile. Come to Dental Design to speak with our amazing dental professionals in order to discuss your treatment options!

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