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Naturally Whiten Teeth

5 Ways To Naturally Whiten Teeth

When it comes to smiling, are you embarrassed to show your teeth? Do they look yellowish brown from drinking coffee or tea? You shouldn’t have to shy away from conversations because your self conscious of your smile. But not everyone wants to use the peroxide bleach solutions from the dentist office. Is in office whitening…

Teeth Whitening Options

Affordable and Effective Teeth Whitening Options

No doubt, most people eagerly want to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Our team at Dental Design can help to make this a reality through the use of cosmetic and restorative treatments. Specifically, teeth whitening treatments have become increasingly common. There are several practical ways that our Buffalo Grove clinic helps to improve smiles….

Fading Smile

Your Joy Shouldn’t Dwindle With a Fading Smile

Restore the shine to your smile — the kind that lit up the room back in your prime. Shy away no longer from expressing joy with friends, family, and coworkers due to a fading smile. Before you go ahead and treat yourself to radiant pearly whites, you’ll want to make a very important consideration. Ask…

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